“A journey taken on a train illustrates the fact that although we are limited to seeing only a small distance in front of us which is constantly changing we need to have made a plan to get to where we are going even though we cannot always see the destination from our current position”

As you are aware, modern India is growing in leaps and bounds with its diverse formats scaling up across the length and breadth of the country. In this era of Knowledge-based Commerce-driven Global Economy, it is not necessarily the strongest that survive or the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change. Education is no different and if you are prepared to transform yourself we at FORESIGHT are privileged to have a team of committed inter-disciplinary faculty to provide you an outstanding learning environment to nurture academic and professional excellence.

Our framework is ready to enable you to enhance your talent, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges in the process to help you grow. Characterized by our mission to expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all participants, we provide comprehensive value-packed Graduate and Post Graduate programmes to prepare individuals face the challenges of today’s competitive scenario leading to becoming business leaders. All this means that the value created, is higher than the investment. Our programmes have been designed to foster Experiential Learning through Scenario based Group Exercises. 

This year, we are pleased to announce an exciting new Business Analysts programme called FORESIGHT’s Business Analysts and a Post Graduate from a leading University. FORESIGHT has the expertise, credibility and professionalism to make the learning experience engaging and useful for performance today and the days to come. Consider FORESIGHT to realize your future ambitions. On behalf of FORESIGHT, I invite you to explore the opportunities we have to offer.

– Mr. Shailesh Mehta
Foresight Group of Institutes