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FORESIGHT encourages students to seek challenges and opportunities through participation in one of our many student cells. These cells help our students become well-rounded individuals by developing social, practical, and leadership skills; providing the opportunity to put classroom theory into practice; and helping connect students to professionals in their fields.

Finance cell-

Overview: The Finance cell is instituted to create a platform for all students to come together & explore the field of Finance, leading to awareness among students with respect to the current financial aspects surrounding the economy and the industry. The cell emphasizes the development of the corporate financial manager and how he/she reaches decisions as to capital investments, dividends and financing of all sorts.

Key Responsibilities:

· To develop, strengthen, sustain and professionalize financial acumen through creative research, workshops, round the year events and promoting interaction between organizations, institutions.

IT Cell-

Overview: In this indispensable world of technology it is very important to understand the fundamentals of technology and this is what IT Cell aims at doing. The IT Cell will be the reference group for students that are interested in working for the IT industry. It will help students to know more about IT industry trends and its impact to the business world.

Key Responsibilities:

· To provide comprehensive knowledge through student driven activities and enhance skills related to information technology management.

· To enable students to understand the application of IT concepts.

HR Cell-

Overview: HR Cell aims at bridging the gap between the professional and academic world and preparing them to take on the challenges of the corporate world. It inculcates leadership skills, motivation, commitment and interpersonal capabilities. This cell lays emphasis on the indispensability of managing people well, in any field of working.

Key Responsibilities:

· Organize HR events, lectures, conferences, seminars and other activities to deliver job market information and job hunting skills for members.

· Hold or arrange periodical meetings or discussions to provide HR knowledge to cell members.

Marketing Cell-

Overview: Marketing Cell is formed  to develop and nurture the required skills and talent of students to understand the nitty-gritty of marketing. The cell aims to help its members gain valuable insights into marketing, beyond the horizons of textbooks.

Key Responsibilities:

· To conduct activities pertaining to hardcore marketing like – market research , branding, sales promotions to name a few and not restrict itself to pure marketing events but also with streams allied which ultimately help the students get a holistic view of business management.

Communications Cell-

Overview: This cell is formed to facilitate interaction between the students and the corporate world so as to give them an in-depth understanding as to how the corporate world functions and what skills they should equip themselves with so as to attain higher levels of success in the careers that they choose to pursue. This is a media, brand and communications management cell. The cell is the voice of FORESIGHT to the outside world and will also maintain and nurture FORESIGHT brand.

Key Responsibilities:

· Building relationships with the Media; crafting Media Strategies for events; organizing faculty articles in print; finding and utilizing synergies where the FBS brand would fit in.

· To interface with the corporates, meeting with top managers in various organizations and coordinating with the students and the management.

· To assist in all placement and internship related activities.

Events Cell-

Overview: This cell will be responsible for all events related activities both internal and external.

Key Responsibilities:

· To arrange events happening in FORESIGHT and to identify the various events happening in and around Pune.

IB Cell-

Overview: The IB Cell serves as forum for issues concerning international business.

Key Responsibilities:

· To conduct activities and workshops pertaining to International Business domain.

Management Adventure Cell-

Overview: This is an important cell which is formed with the objective to explore the management tactics in the form of games.

Key Responsibilities:

· To conduct various mgmt games and business simulation practices.

· To act as a stress-buster and conduct brain storming session.


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