The time has come to make an impression on the rest of the world. Education at FORESIGHT is where the journey begins—where thinkers become leaders, and where leaders create a tradition of success. We have a small size and diverse student population and we are strong believers of a team-study approach. Due to this approach, there is an opportunity for substantive and enriching interaction with faculty and fellow students. FORESIGHT nurtures a culture of creative thinking that enables you with all the tools you need to solve business problems to take tough calls in real-world situations. At FORESIGHT you will acquire a superior level of leadership, both personally and professionally, in an impressive environment.

  • One of the fastest growing institutes
  • A strong academic network of respected management faculty
  • An innovative integrated and designed curriculum
  • Confidence to the successful graduates of Foresight
  • Unprecedented Opportunity
  • Simple and Practical Teaching Methodology
  • Focus on Applied Training (Learning by Doing) & Career Planning
  • FORESIGHT Community
  • Diversity at FORESIGHT
  • Individual Competency Development
  • Participation in Industry lead workshops – Role Plays, Quizzes, Games & Contests add to the excitement of the workshop and make learning fun.

FORESIGHT is a place to stand up and stand out—a place that will leave an impression on you for the rest of your life. Experience FORESIGHT for yourself—and prepare to be impressed.

When you get ready with Foresight, you get assured for a successful journey as a young professional!